RCMP Warn About The Danger Of Driving The 'Morning After'

Posted on Friday, December 30, 2016 16:19 PM

Everyone knows that driving while drunk is a bad idea and illegal, but many don't think about the morning after.

With only a few hours left in 2016 police are asking people to think about what they'll do once the party is over.

Corp. Jennifer Clarke with the RCMP says people often think they're okay to drive once they've had a few hours of sleep.

"If you've been celebrating the night before, take a good hard look at your self in the mirror and ask 'should I be on the road.' There isn't any definitive self-test. We're asking people to be responsible."

Clarke says just because a person feels okay doesn't mean they're sober.

"How much you consume, how long it was between your first drink and your last drink, whether you've eaten anything and what your metabolism is individually, can really effect how quickly your body loses that alcohol and whether or not you'll still be impaired."

Clarke says while you do risk having a criminal record if caught driving under the influence, the real concern is killing your self or someone else on the road.