McCloskey Refutes Allegations Against Him

Posted on Thursday, January 10, 2019 14:19 PM

Dramatic testimony today from Retired Saint John Deputy Police Chief Glen McCloskey at the Dennis Oland second-degree murder trial.

He spoke about being at the crime scene at the 52 Canterbury Street while serving as the Inspector in charge of the Criminal Investigation Division on July 7th 2011.

McCloskey testifying he went back to the crime scene when Constable Greg Oram arrived adding he was 100 per cent wrong to do that.

When Sgt. Mark Smith, the forensics officer, returned and found them in the scene, he yelled at them to get the "bleep" out.

McCloskey says he didn't touch anything or sit and lean in the office and admitted that in conversation with other officers he hoped it was a suicide in terms of making the investigation easier and making it easier on the family.

He also testified he never told Sgt. Mike King to tell anyone he wasn't at the crime scene noting several other officers knew he was there as they were in the room when Smith yelled at them.

On cross-examination, Alan Gold suggests McCloskey’s second visit to the crime scene was a greater transgression and McCloskey agrees.

McCloskey is asked if ever had any exhibits from the Oland trial in his office and he says no.

Former Saint John Police Chief John Bates joined McCloskey at court.