Moncton Firefighter Visiting Ocala, Florida Says Irma Not Causing Panic Yet

Posted on Thursday, September 7, 2017 13:31 PM

A local firefighter is currently in Ocala, Florida, which is just one of the places making preparations in case they are hit by Hurricane Irma in the coming days.

He says, it appears panic hasn't set in, just yet.

Moncton Fire Platoon Chief Brian Gaudet says despite the chance that Ocala may feel the effects of Hurricane Irma, "It appears to be business as usual.  The folks we are dealing with here are talking about potential closures of their business for Monday and Tuesday and potentially some power outages, but there's not a real sense of panic in Ocala currently."

Gaudet says in one store he visited, it looked like there was a short supply on bottled water, "The other thing we noticed was that the gas stations are all closed.  They have very little fuel left."

He has heard that a number of airlines flying out of Orlando, are adding larger planes, and more flights, "They are also planning to delay their flights past Saturday.  There definitely is the notion that people are leaving, but no one is coming in."

Gaudet is hoping to fly home on Friday.