Anglophone East Schools In Need Of French Immersion Teachers

Posted on Tuesday, February 13, 2018 07:51 AM

French immersion teachers are needed.

The Anglophone East School District is currently looking to fill 40 positions in its schools for grade 2 teachers.

Superintendent Gregg Ingersoll says when the province reverted back to grade 1 for offer French immersion,  they immediately had to begin recruitment to fill those positions.

"When you are trying to find enough teachers to outfit an entire grade level, like we are this year, that's a harder job to find that many teachers all at once.  We are actively recruiting and last year we were successful in finding enough teacher.  Hopefully this year, we'll be able to do the same," Ingersoll says.

French immersion teachers require superior level French, which means you can converse in French in almost any topic.