Premier Brian Gallant Meets With Fundy Regional Service Commission in Rothesay

Posted on Monday, September 11, 2017 15:04 PM

Premier Brian Gallant is continuing his speaking tour at the Regional Services Commission and made a stop in Rothesay on Monday.

Gallant talked about what the government has accomplished so far and then asked the audience to give him ideas of what they want from government.

After going into working groups they told him they need better health care, shorter wait times for nursing homes, a strong rural communications system and even financial courses in high schools.

Our newsroom asked the Premier if he thought the RSCs were doing their job or if amalgamation might be more efficient.

The Premier said they would be willing to speak with any region that wanted amalgamation but only if there is a groundswell of support within that region.

Gallant says he knows there have been some heated RSC meetings but that just shows how passionate people are about the regions, but all in all they have been a positive thing