Common Council Pauses Plans To Redevelop East Side Property

Posted on Monday, March 12, 2018 23:41 PM

Council has hit pause on plans to redevelop the old Petro-Canada site at Mount Pleasant Avenue East and Bayside Drive.

There are plans to build a gas station, convenience store, car wash and fast-food restaurant there, but one nearby resident isn't happy.

Claire Fairweather says when she first heard about the plans in a letter from the city, there was no mention of a restaurant.

Fairweather told Common Council tonight she's not opposed to the restaurant but does have some concerns.

"I'm opposed to the fact that no one is going to say the hours of operation, no one could tell me about traffic," says Fairweather, "what's the garbage control going to be because that kind of restaurant is going to produce meat, which will in turn would attract rats."

She also doesn't like that the city plans to rescind an existing condition forcing the car wash to close at 8 p.m.

Councillor Ray Strowbridge says we can't start telling businesses when they should operate because that would deter development in a city that's open for business.

"I would never, in a million years, tell any business owner this is when you can open and this is when you could close," says Strowbridge. "If I ever said that, fire me from this chair because I don't deserve to be here."

Rick Turner from Hughes Surveys & Consultants spoke for the developer and confirmed plans to build an A&W restaurant there and noted there are no plans to operate all night.

Mayor Don Darling pointed out if the developer wasn't asking to acquire a small piece of land, the matter wouldn't have come before the city because the property is already zoned for this type of development.

The matter has been set over for two weeks so city staff can have further discussions with the developer and resident about her concerns.

(Photos from Common Council documents)