Retired Toxicologist Testifies At Oland Trial

Posted on Thursday, December 6, 2018 14:22 PM

On the 10th day of the Dennis Oland second-degree murder trial, a retired toxicologist on the stand talking about testing Richard Oland's bodily fluids for prescription drugs, illegal drugs and alcohol.

Dr Albert Fraser found only one positive test found a low value of alcohol in his urine.

He says Richard Oland did consume some alcohol before he died but it's not known if it was beer, wine, spirits or even from cough syrup which can contain alcohol.

On cross-examination, defence lawyer Allan Gold notes there were no significant toxicological findings other than small amount alcohol in urine.

He asks Fraser if the police asked him if Oland went out for drinks before his death.

Fraser says the small alcohol amount present in his urine could be because of the time period between consumption and Oland's death would be more than one hour because there wasn't any in his blood.

Gold asks Fraser about an email exchange with the Crown from the first trial claiming Oland never had a drink according to evidence.

He asks Fraser if this kind of information could bias an opinion of an expert and Fraser says, "yes, I think it could."