UPDATE: Interac Takes E-Transfer Service Offline Temporarily To Fix Technical Problems

Posted on Friday, June 30, 2017 15:15 PM

Significant technical issues have led Interac to temporarily take their E-Transfer service offline.

In a statement, Interac says it is an internal technical issue resulting in transaction delays, and the suspension of a number of transfers.

They are reassuring the public by saying the system and data remains secure.

While the system is offline, banks will not be able to process any transactions.

Interac says any transfers currently in transit will be processed once the system is restored.

We continue to experience a technical difficulty impacting the INTERAC e-Transfer service resulting in service disruptions. Stay tuned.

Issues with the system were first reported Thursday, and have been an intermittent problem since then.

Details of the issue resolution can be found on the Interac website or on their Twitter page.