Saint John-Rothesay MP Opposed To Proposed Tax Changes

Posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2017 19:23 PM

It was standing room only at an open house discussion event at the Union Club in uptown Saint John where the sense of frustration from small business owners over the Trudeau government's proposed federal tax changes was tangible.

Saint John-Rothesay MP Wayne Long, standing behind a podium at the front of the crowd, fielded questions and listened as small business owners voiced their concerns. He shared that he is opposed to the changes that are being proposed by his government, and told those who had gathered that he will not vote for this if it remains as is.

"If there's not changes in what's being proposed I will not vote for it," Long said. 

"People are very, very concerned what it means for their businesses and what it means for the economy of Saint John," Long tells CHSJ News.

"I'm here to listen to those concerns, I'm here to take those concerns back to Ottawa, I'm here to get their feedback and I'm here to advocate for them and certainly I'll be speaking with a very, very loud voice and a strong voice when I get back to Ottawa next week."

The federal representative for our region said that he would like to see the Liberals 'back off' completely when it comes to tax deferral and capital gains though has 'some give' when it comes to income sprinkling and thinks there should be some 'reasonableness.'

"I am not supportive of certainly the deferral side of the tax changes and the capital gains side, so I'm taking that message forward. I'm hoping that my government will listen, and pull back with some of these changes," says Long.

He also says that is penning an open letter to the federal minister of finance Bill Morneau.