PC Nomination Upset In Albert Riding

Posted on Monday, April 16, 2018 14:18 PM

The owner of Resourceful Redneck has won the Progressive Conservative nomination in the Albert riding and has unseated the incumbent.

Mike Holland will be running in the provincial election this fall after he defeated Brian Keirstead at a nomination meeting on the weekend.

Holland says he has been involved in politics for many years and he jumped at an opportunity of becoming a participant in the process.

"A riding is a collection of people who want to get things done to make their community better.  My focus is to continually be among people so I can unearth what those items are and then go to work and achieve as many of them as I can," he notes.

If he happens to win the seat this fall, Holland says he intends to be a full-time MLA and his business will transition.

An incumbent isn't challenged very often in a riding but Holland adds the PC party respects the democratic process and his nomination is an example of that.