"Moose Sex Project" Includes More Than Moose

Posted on Saturday, December 31, 2016 08:01 AM

The narrow Chignecto Isthmus linking New Brunswick and Nova Scotia is a vital wildlife corridor which the Nature Conservancy of Canada is trying to protect.

It started five years ago with the "tongue-in-cheek" Moose Sex Project but the awareness campaign also includes other land-based mammals such as bears, bobcats and even flying squirrels.

Spokesperson Paula Noel says the Nature Conservancy has been trying to protect the lands along the isthmus in recent years.

"What we've done is been quite successful at securing land in strategic areas that are linking up existing protected areas there just to maintain wilderness corridors across the region," she notes.

Noel adds the idea is to ensure the habitat is there and that the animals have a place to live and to roam between the two provinces.