"I Got The Winning Ticket! I Got The Winning Ticket!": Richibucto Couple Wins $1 Million

Posted on Friday, January 12, 2018 16:52 PM

The newest millionaires in New Brunswick are Edward and Lisa Allain from Richibucto after winning $1 million with an Atlantic 49 ticket.

Edward says he was plowing the driveway when his wife told him to check his tickets to see if he'd won.

He was at his father's house shortly thereafter when his brother called to ask if he knew there was a winning ticket sold.

"I yelled to my brother, not knowing, don't bother checking your tickets I have the winning ticket at home!" says Allain. "They just laughed so when I went home 20 minutes later I found out I had the winning ticket and I just went bananas in the house and I was calling everybody saying I got the winning ticket, I got the winning ticket!"

Allain says they're going to use the money to pay for their teenage daughters' education, and to help them retire a little earlier than planned.

As well, they've been building their house themselves over the last few years, so Allan says with a few projects left to go, they are likely to contract out some of the remaining work.

He's also been planning to get a new truck, and this will give him some more options in that regard.