Multi-Government Investment Puts $1.1 Million Into St. Stephen Waterfront

Posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2017 13:51 PM

The St. Stephen Waterfront is getting upgraded with a hefty investment from all three levels of government.

The Federal, provincial, and municipal governments are each contributing over $378 thousand dollars each, for a total of over $1.1 million for the St. Stephen Wharf and waterfront restoration project.

Premier Brian Gallant, MP Karen Ludwig, MLA John Ames, and St. Stephen Mayor Allan MacEachern all on hand for the announcement.

Premier Gallant says by working together, we can overcome some of the challenges we face, and seize opportunities that lie ahead, "This is going to help drive businesses, this is going to help drive tourism, this is going to ensure we have a good quality of life to offer the people of this region, and I have no doubt that it's going to ensure that we continue to advance the economy of Charlotte County and the whole province."

MP Karen Ludwig says of the Wharf restoration project, "In addition to attracting new tourists to this heritage river, the upgraded waterfront will also stimulate further business development in Southwestern New Brunswick."

Mayor MacEachern says the Town of St. Stephen will have the funds covered in the next fiscal budget for the project. He adds, there is a lot of work to be done on the waterfront and climate change is an issue.

He tells us they will be strengthening and securing the waterfront because the tides go much higher now than they used to, "You've got some of the businesses [on the waterfront] and these high tides we're getting now, they are literally right at the base line. Look at the sea levels we've been seeing the last couple of years, I mean, I am literally worried sick every time we see it come up."

The restoration project includes new floating docks, an updated gangway, and adjacent boat launch ramp, additional lighting, and improved signage. The improvements will make the location safer for visitors.

MacEachern says they are now open to the tendering process. He says there might be some work that can be done in the winter, but he expects work to start in Spring.