Made-In-Canada Solutions Needed To Battle Trump Trade Wars - Lisa Raitt

Posted on Sunday, April 30, 2017 08:01 AM

The federal Conservative leadership convention is less than a month away with 13 candidates remaining following the recent departure of Kevin O'Leary.

Ontario MP Lisa Raitt, one of two women in the race, visited Moncton this week and spoke about provincial equalization payments, the legalization of recreational marijuana and trade issues.

Raitt says as Canada faces trade battles with the U.S. under the Trump administration, it's time for the federal government to take a strong stand.

She believes it's important to come up with made-in-Canada solutions which she believes is not happening right now.

When it comes to equalization payments from Ottawa, Raitt believes provinces like New Brunswick which are not extracting their natural resources such as shale gas may face an uphill battle from provinces like Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Although she campaigned against it in the last election, Raitt says she will respect the will of the people and support the legalization of recreational marijuana despite some concerns especially the legal age to buy it.

She feels 18 is too young and supports the science which suggests an age of 24 or 25 instead.

Going forward, Raitt says she will care about the health of individuals using marijuana and the security of others around them noting how issues such as being high while driving have yet to be resolved.

(91.9 The Bend PHOTO - Lisa Raitt speaking to members of the Alma City Club)