Saint John Cracks Down On 'Unsightly' Mobile Signs

Posted on Tuesday, June 12, 2018 19:46 PM

They've been illegal in Saint John since 2015, but now the city is starting to crack down on mobile signs outside of businesses.

A new pilot enforcement project will focus on four areas: McAllister Drive, Rothesay Avenue, Westmorland Road and Fairville Boulevard.

Christopher McKiel, a technical services engineer with the city, told growth committee members Tuesday they want to work with business owners through this process.

"We're going to take a collaborative approach with business owners, understanding that this can have an impact on their business," says McKiel. "We want to come up with the best possible solution so that they can still achieve their needs."

McKiel says there are other options that meet the bylaws and still allow businesses to get their messages out there (such as the one pictured below).

The crackdown is the next step in the enhanced community standards pilot program, which was launched last year to improve the look and feel of neighbourhoods.

McKiel says mobile signs have a negative impact on the aesthetics and enjoyment of neighbourhoods throughout the city.

"We have received complaints on mobile signs," he says.

Coun. Gerry Lowe says we'll never get rid of the signs completely and the city should keep targetting unsightly properties, which was the initial focus of the pilot program.

Unsightly property cleanup will continue, says McKiel, adding the mobile sign enforcement is just another part of this program.

City manager Jeff Trail says something has to be done because the signs are unsightly, even though he admitted there will likely be pushback.

McKiel says they will reflect on the committee's comments, but at this point, they still plan on proceeding with the project.