Conservation Council of New Brunswick Makes Recommendations For Post Ice Storm Analysis

Posted on Friday, March 31, 2017 14:16 PM

Public meetings are planned next week, as part of a review of government and community response to the ice storm that hit the province in January.

The Conservation Council of New Brunswick has their own ideas, as to what needs to be done,   before we are faced with another situation like this.

Director of Climate Change and Energy Solutions Louise Comeau says the provincial government needs to be looking at more than ensuring that the utility poles are fixed, "More extreme weather is becoming more common as climate change gets worse.  We also have a lot to learn about how to become safer in these extreme events.  We need to make the region sustainable from an energy point of view and as well resilient from a climate change impacts point of view by combining the energy that currently causes climate change and shifting that to renewables.  At the same time that helps the region become more resilient."

She says for warming centres, "We can't always rely on generators, for a couple of reasons.  They are very expensive, they are highly polluting and we might not have fuel.  Comeau says we need to make the shift to solar, and other renewable energy, like biomass or burning wood.

A report is due out in July, with recommendations based on input from the public, New Brunswick's Emergency Measures Organization and the Department of Health.