Inside Look At New Cannabis NB Store In Saint John

Posted on Wednesday, June 13, 2018 14:17 PM

There are 11 Cannabis NB retail stores in the province now built and ready to open their doors whenever the green light is given for legalization.

We were among those who got an inside look at one of these stores today — the new location at Lansdowne Plaza in Saint John's north end which features brightly-lit and currently empty glass display cases in the retail area along with information stations for customers.

NB Liquor president Brian Harriman says once the store opens for business there will be 250 products available, starting with dried flowers and oils.

"They'll be essentially in Tylenol bottles, or medical bottles or in boxes. The product itself comes pre-packaged...but we will have jars here with each product available to be seen and to be nosed," says Harriman.

As for edibles — 

"We're driven by the federal mandate, what's legal so as things change and become approved we'll certainly have them in the stores. So we would anticipate probably having 750 or 800 SKUs with phase two of assortment legalization."

The hiring process for the retail team hasn't started yet because there hasn't been a start date announced but they are looking to hire about 200 people.

Harriman estimates in the first year of operation to bring in about $100-million in revenue, though qualifies that by saying it really depends on the legalization date.

There are 9 more Cannabis NB stores in New Brunswick that will be ready to open by September of this year. Each of the stores will look just like the one on Lansdowne Avenue.