Early Morning Explosion At The Port

Posted on Friday, September 14, 2018 15:18 PM

There was an explosion around 7 am this morning at the American Iron and Metal recycling facility on the west side of the port.

Port Saint John contacted the company and shut down the operation and an incident investigation was started.

The company has let Port Saint John know that the source of the explosion has been identified and the customer who supplied the material for recycling that caused the explosion has been notified.

They have also learned that AIM will be taking additional action with this customer.

Port Saint John is working the American Iron and Metal to make sure they know they need to take every action to reduce the number of incidents that occur at their facility.    

The statement says "today’s explosion reminds all of that continuous improvement is important to their ongoing operations."

AIM has reassured Port Saint John their plans to improve their operation with more stringent monitoring and the introduction of new technologies.