Unconfirmed Reports Of Tornadoes In Acadian Peninsula

Posted on Friday, May 19, 2017 14:42 PM

Environment Canada says there have been unconfirmed reports of tornadoes in northeastern New Brunswick following severe weather which brought thunderstorms and strong winds.

Officials from the weather office are heading to that region today to examine the damage which included partial roof collapses, downed power poles and even concrete overturned.

Meteorologist Linda Libby says cold air clashed with warm air and created severe weather especially in the Caraquet area last night.

"Severe thunderstorm cells can result in straight-line winds that can produce the same force as the weakest level of tornadoes," she notes.

Libby says the winds could have been as high as 130 kilometres per hour which is the same strength as an F-1 tornado or a Category 1 hurricane.