City Staff Delivers Report On 1671 Sandy Point Road

Posted on Wednesday, September 6, 2017 17:26 PM

A small step forward has been made towards the potential development of the 12-acre parcel of land at 1671 Sandy Point Road at Rockwood Park.

The Growth Committee will be recommending to Saint John council at its next meeting that the land be rezoned from park to mid-rise residential after getting a report from city staff, who are in favour of a medium density residential development in the area saying that it 'supports the existing context of the neighborhood and is sensitive to the park setting.'

Medium-density residential will reportedly include about 60 units and bring in a tax revenue of between $168,500 and $248,000 for the city of Saint John.

Other development options considered were low density, which would be about 33 units and a tax revenue of between $141,500 and $211,500 and high density which would be approximately 100 units bring in between $142,800 and $223,000. Staff have also reported that there is interest in this particular parcel for residential development.

Meantime, spokesperson of the Friends of Rockwood Park Joan Pearce attended the growth commitee meeting and is disappointed with the way things have unfolded.

"They mayor says that he has heard from hundreds of people who are all for the development of the property and I actually haven't run into any of them. I run into people all the time who say this is not a good thing," says Pearce.

In the report, staff pointed out concerns that the FORP have brought forward and how they have addressed them. CHSJ News asked Pearce if her concerns were addressed: 

"I don't think so, I know that they looked at things that I asked them to look at, no I don't think that they did really. But I am happy that they actually listened to us," says Pearce.

Before any development can happen on the land, there are six stages it needs to go through before council including the recommendation from the growth committee to council at the next meeting.