EUB Investigating Butane Leak In East Saint John

Posted on Thursday, January 11, 2018 15:40 PM

The provincial Energy and Utilities Board is investigating the butane leak in east Saint John.

CHSJ News has received confirmation of that from senior advisor with the EUB David Young who tells us that every time there's an incident that involves a pipeline carrying hazardous materials the board investigates.

"I can't give you a lot of details, what I can tell you is the board is going to look into the cause, to determine the cause of the leak, and to determine if there are procedures or policies that need to change to prevent it from happening again," says Young.

Young says a lot of information will be requested from Irving Oil about its procedures in the past and what has led up to this event though he can't be specific about what they'll be looking for.

There are currently two people with the EUB investigating the leak.

"We have a pipeline inspection staff," says Young. "The pipeline doesn't go back into service until the board approves it so there's someone watching over any sort of repairs that are done."

He says this investigation could take months to finish.