Mounties Launch Nationwide Recruitment Campaign

Posted on Thursday, October 12, 2017 05:01 AM

The Mounties have launched a Canada-wide recruitment campaign seeking highly motivated leaders of various ages and backgrounds to join the national police force.


Applicants must meet basic requirements such as having a high school diploma, meeting health and psychological standards along with passing vision and hearing tests.


New Brunswick recruiter Constable Isabelle Beaulieu says the next step for candidates would be 26 weeks of paid policing training at the RCMP Academy in Regina.


Upon graduation, a new Mountie would be coached for the first six months working alongside an experienced officer.


The first posting would depend on policing demands according to Beaulieu but she says the force tries to be as accommodating as possible.


In addition to a pension and health benefits, Beaulieu says the starting salary is $53,000 per year but within three years a constable can earn $86,000.


She adds the RCMP offers more than 150 different types of operational and administrative opportunities to choose from.


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