Saint John Council Gives Yellow Light To Transportation Plan

Posted on Monday, March 20, 2017 22:19 PM

Saint John council has given the yellow light to the city's transportation plan, Move SJ, tabling it until they can get more information about the second phase of the project.

Council heard the findings of the first phase of the strategy, including the needs and challenges we face as a city which include the age and amount of our infrastructure, truck route management, pedestrian accessibility and auto dependence.

It was found that 66 percent of Saint Johners get around by driving a car, while 13 percent do so as a car passenger. Road traffic in Saint John is also growing. The list of transportation goals was also shared.

The first phase of the project came at a cost of about $200,000 and it was recommended that council approve about $205,000 for the second phase of the project — which is in the budget for 2017 — but not everyone was on board.

"The bottom line is [my constituents] don't like the number, $205,000, I tend to agree with them, because it's not a time to do it," says councillor Blake Armstrong, who finished by stating he wouldn't be supporting the motion.

Gerry Lowe also stated that he wouldn't support the motion and councillor David Merrithew had this to say:

"At this time, I don't know whether a continuation of this study is warranted, when I think some of the big items we have out there could be looked at and solved by our own staff."

Mayor Don Darling is happy about council's decision to put off this decision, which was not unanimous with councillor Greg Norton and deputy mayor Shirley McAlary voting against.

The third phase of this project would also be in the $200K range. You can read more about MoveSJ here.