Too Early To Determine Cause Of Butane Leak, Says Irving Oil VP

Posted on Friday, January 12, 2018 18:32 PM

It's too early to say what caused the butane leak in east Saint John or how much of it actually escaped.

That from Irving Oil vice-president Mark Sherman on Friday morning during a second media briefing on the situation.

"We want to do a proper investigation, there will be some destructive testing done on the piece of pipe that's removed. What we do know, is it was located near a pipe support," says Sherman.

The leak was discovered by Irving Oil employees on Monday but CHSJ News asked if they're able to tell when the leak actually happened.

"It's important to gather evidence in a situation like this, and part of the evidence is the discussions we've had with the residents here and some of those would indicate that they picked up an odour the day prior," says Sherman.

He's also confirmed that this piece of pipe was installed in the area of 1977 and was re-rated in the last few years so they're very confident the pipe in general has been in good shape. Preliminary EUB investigation results suggest the leak was because of a crack having to do with extreme cold weather. Repairs to it have begun.