A "Bittersweet" Honour For One City Officer

Posted on Wednesday, September 6, 2017 20:57 PM

A Saint John police officer being honoured for his role in a very unique case.     

Constable Sean Rocca was part of the team investigating the disappearance of 17 year old Gavin Adams in December 2013.    

When it was determined that Gavin had died, Rocca began an investigation after learning he took a drug no one had ever heard of in Saint John before.  

That led to a public advisory and later charges and a criminal conviction.

While accepting his award, Rocca thanked Gavin's parents, Sonja and David Adams, for their support of the police investigation.

He says it makes their lives as investigators so much easier when we have a family that supports the police and extends their professional trust in us.

Rocca also thanked the many members of the Saint John police force and the experts who provided help from Massachusetts, Virgina and Nova Scotia.