Dan Coulton & Lori Carle


An unusual day for me...Fighting a bear, modelling lingere, clipping a hillbillys' toes (this sort of day hardly EVER happens!) A typical day for me.......Having a Bbq with my family, Sherry, Emma, Maui and Ivy (the last two are the furry ones....like me!), and probably eating stuff that's way too spicy and may envoke the rest of them to tell me to sleep in the shed. After that, some homework, bit of Coronation Street, some Fringe or Criminal Minds (Dexter if I'm lucky) and throw in a game of Jeapardy just to keep my brain working! Hold on!... I can't do any of that, it's 4am...I gotta get to work! Grab my Yankees cap, get on the Yamaha, leave the Valley and head uptown. Can't complain though, it beats workin' for a livin! Especially when you work with talent like Lori Carle and Amy Clark.



Broadcasting for close to two decades...and boy is my voice tired. Speaking of boys--I'm in desperate need of girl time(4 boys at home... includinghubby) and then another every morning at work. Would somebody please put the toilet seat down!!! 

In  myfree time,  I can be found skiing or kayaking with friends, cheering on the Arizona Cardinals, donating plasma at C.B.S, or creating in the kitchen. It's all about the inertia--staying in motion...because if I stopped, I'd crash ;-)